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Rachel Mancour at the Norman Rockwell Museum

Rachel Mancour | Arts Management Department | Walt Reed Distinguished Scholar Intern

Summer 2019

Internship Overview:

The Norman Rockwell Museum was founded in 1969 with the help of Norman and Molly Rockwell and is dedicated to the enjoyment and study of Rockwell’s work and his contributions to society, popular culture, and social commentary. The Museum houses the world’s largest and most significant collection of Rockwell’s work including 998 original paintings and drawings. The Norman Rockwell Museum celebrated 50 years as the nation’s leading center for illustration art this summer.


As the Walt Reed Distinguished Scholar intern, I was responsible for independently researching and writing about various female illustrators for publication on the Illustration History website; collaborating with other team members regarding the planning of future exhibitions; assisting in the installation, deinstallation, and shipping and packaging of exhibitions; and helping in processing and digitizing the museum’s collections. Throughout this internship I developed museum collection and digital archiving skills. I also furthered my skills in digital publishing, website management, research, and academic writing. I built collaboration skills with people in all departments of the Norman Rockwell Museum and the residents of Berkshire County. As my internship progressed, I kept gaining more and more knowledge on how museums operate.

“This internship has allowed me the opportunity to learn and explore the different areas of a museum as well as apply knowledge from courses I’ve taken at MCLA in a meaningful way.” – Rachel Mancour
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