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Meet: Jeriyah Morris

Meet Jeriyah Morris, a Business Administration in Marketing Major and Arts Management Minor, who will be a part of the 2022 graduating class. Jeriyah makes Hip-Hop and R&B music as well as writing, producing, engineering, mixing, and performing. Clearly, Jeriyah is a multi-talented individual.

Jeriyah credits his parents and family's musical influence, "all of them always had such deep yet hidden creative sides". He continues:

“Music was regularly played and was heavily therapeutic for everyone in my life, Hip- Hop specifically has always been a genre that was a frequent topic in my household. I think I have a lot of R&B influence but the core is Hip-Hop. I love the sport. So many people don’t really look at it as a sport but Hip-Hop has a competitive nature. It requires drive, dedication, and even consistently training your abilities in order to remain sharp and able to compete. I just want to push the sport and the art form because it’s one of the coolest things in the world to me. My goal is to one day become an individual within the music industry, that you can't talk about the genre of Hip-Hop itself, without mentioning me as one of the greatest."

Jeriyah gets a lot of musical inspiration from artists like Kanye West, The Weekend, Beyonce, Drake, Alicia Keys, J.Cole, and Neyo. But, Jeriyah's top artist? Kendrick Lamar. "My number 1 favorite artist of all time is Kendrick Lamar, I feel like I grew up with his albums. I have been a fan since “Section .80” . It felt like his lyrics were speaking for me. Teaching me how to say things I didn’t know how to say.”

Here is a quick listen of one Jeriyah's songs which you can find on Spotify ( and Apple Music. Here is "Now You Know" by Jeriyah featuring John Boss:

What's next for Jeriyah? Well, he plans on releasing more music and working towards his goal. "I do plan a release by the end of this month but I can't speak on too many more details. I know, it sounds crazy but you'll just have to trust me on this one".

Keep an eye out for Jeriyah's newest release coming to Spotify and Apple Music by the end of April!


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