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Internship Profile; Paula Kingsbury-Evans

Paula Kingsbury-Evans | MASS MoCA | Education Intern

Spring 2021

An internship at MASS MoCA this semester is not what anyone expected it to be. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, plans were constantly changing, and it kept us always on our toes. In a typical semester, an education intern would be working at ArtBar, assisting with school groups, and in a spring semester, they would also help out with the Teen Invitational. This semester, I was supposed to help with the Teen Invitational, but it got cancelled halfway through the semester. I was still able to work at the ArtBar on the weekends before the rest of the semester went remote, which was the best part of this internship. We weren’t able to hand out art supplies, but it was still fun to see the families come in and explore the exhibit. Because projects kept changing, I had the opportunity to work with other departments and other interns on a family guide to the Berkshires, and the other Education intern and I had the incredible opportunity to start a conversation on change for MASSpeaks, a monthly conversation between MASS MoCA staff.

This internship opened my eyes to the inner workings of a museum and taught me about how quickly plans and projects can change even at an organizational level.

- Paula Kingsbury-Evans

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