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Internship Profile: Matthew Brinton

Matthew Brinton

Berkshire Art Center

Artistic Fellow

At Berkshire Art Center the intern is responsible for organizing/planning exhibitions and events centered around the exhibitions. This includes reaching out to artists, marketing, and helping the artists set up their exhibits. Knowledge of Canva is necessary to make flyers and Instagram posts. Other responsibilities include organizing the gallery inventory, computer equipment, and various clusters of items at the two locations. Also—planning for and organizing an art fair and designing Mini Masterpiece projects. Willingness to engage in manual work and computer skills are necessary for this internship.

This internship has afforded me the opportunity to engage with the visual arts community of the Berkshires—in a way I never was able to do in the past. I’ve met several artists, some of whom teach at Berkshire Art Center, and I’ve been able to help one artist set up her exhibition. I’ve also recruited other artists for group exhibitions. It is this personal engagement with people who are passionate about the same thing as I am that I find most valuable. The independent work I do here also carries a bit of meaning for me as I can be quiet, reflect, and gain the mental skills necessary for a future career in arts management. I am learning to use Canva, an online marketing design tool, which is helping me engage with various projects related to this internship. I feel that learning these skills will go a long way in preparing me for a future in the arts.

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