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Internship Profile; Eloise Baker

MCLA Gallery 51 Intern and MCLA-IAH, Graphic Designer, Eloise Baker

MCLA's Institute for the Arts and Humanities team (IAH) Baker is on the far right


MCLA Gallery 51 provides MCLA students and the surrounding community a chance to see contemporary art by a diverse group of artists and hosts many art-educational programs. Gallery 51 also creates opportunities for MCLA students to gain arts management experience. Interns take on a range of responsibilities from administrative work to exhibit installation and learn about the workings of art galleries and the Berkshires’ creative community.

The MCLA Institute for the Arts and Humanities is a grant funded initiative on campus focused on bringing students unique resources and opportunities. It hosts art-related events and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion. MCLA-IAH interns have the chance to connect with others on campus and gain experience in arts management, educational program planning, and community engagement.


Both of my internships focus on graphic and web design work. I create promotional materials for the organizations’ upcoming programs and events, as well as maintaining and updating each of their websites. Doing both of these internships at the same time is giving me a wide range of experience in arts management, particularly with community engagement. The internships also help me build up my portfolio with real, purposeful design work, rather than only class projects.

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