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Internship Profile: Caitlyn Falzone

Caitlyn Falzone

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts

Sm[ART] Commons Blog Editor


As the editor for the Sm[ART] Commons Blog, I am in charge of shaping the website to display and promote the creatives within the FPA department, Arts Management department, as well as independent artists for the MCLA communities of past, present and future. In working alongside the Institute for the Arts and Humanities (IAH), I am also able to display those with mini-grant projects as well as the numerous community events and outreach the IAH strives to work for. The main goal of the website is to create an outreach and network for creatives to display their art within their time at MCLA or after their departure.


Through my internship, I have been able to problem solve, network, and organize as well as expand my knowledge as a creator and writer. Editing is something I never really saw myself doing and now that I am, I have found another possible pathway and potential passion to take with me once my time at MCLA is concluded.

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