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Internship Profile: Anthony Simon

Anthony Simon, Class of 2022

Limelight Productions

Production Assistant

Summary of Position: A production Assistant is a person who helps with the day to day operations of the company. Responsibilities vary and can include: rental orders, sales, project management, shipping and receiving, installations, renovations and customer service. Working at heights above 15’ will be required and working in a safe and organized manner is a must. Long hours and lots of travel should be expected.

Anthony's Reflection:

While working at Limelight I have had the opportunity to collect a variety of skills that will help me post-college. One of the most amazing parts about working in the theatrical industry is learning to make good work on short notice. Most of the time, the project I am working on does not have the budget or the time that me and my coworkers would like, however, we always find a way to make our time and money worth it and end up with a solid end product. For example, we have established a good reputation with the wedding planning industry in the Berkshire area and when a lower budget wedding comes through we find a way to compromise with their budget and still make the event look beautiful.

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