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Women Writers Wednesday

Brianna Christie’s sonnets are our newest feature in Women Writer’s Wednesday. Christie created the sonnets as an extension of her own identity. Her passion for zodiacs influenced the themes of her pieces. She was able to convey a sense of familial connection and experiences. The reader can follow through with the various phases of Christie’s life. From fetus to woman, she was able to artistically convey her emotions as well as the individuals around her. There was a musicality to her work that seems to sing through the lines of her poetry.

Christie stated that “Since I was younger, I was always drawn to writing whether it be journaling or writing fake plays. I always saw my own creativity in the pieces that I wrote.” In her sonnets, Christie was able to allow that creative mind to flourish. What she created were sonnets that were full of vitality. She shows a flair for imagery, concentrated through the constraints of the sonnet form. Christie is a junior at MCLA who is majoring in English/Communications. She is also a Public Relations and Social Media assistant for MCLA Institute for the Arts and Humanities.

Christie’s sonnets are attached below for your reading pleasure!

Creative Writing Poetry Sonnets
Download PDF • 50KB

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