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Women Writers Wednesday

Gabrielle Osowiecki is an English major at MCLA in her sophomore year of college. As an English major she has continued to hone her writing abilities, while exercising her freedom of expression. Osowiecki stated that,“Poems, stories, essays, any form of writing that comes from the heart is creative writing to me.” Her unique definition of creative writing allows her to be able to explore various possibilities in her work.

It is evident that she enjoys allowing her creativity to run freely. In her poem, Salem 1963, she was tasked to write about a specific location for her class. The poem is about a ballroom in the afterlife. It reads with a whimsical mood that matches the seemingly daydream sequence. The readers are able to visualize the events in the poem through the vivid descriptions and active narration. From the breaking of stanza lines to the overarching theme of the reimagined Salem Witch Trials, she explained them masterfully. Osowiecki took a tender hand to the writing of the poem.

Osowiecki’s poem is attached below:

Salem, 1693
Download PDF • 73KB

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