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Humans of MCLA

Humans of MCLA is a semester long project, focused on centering voices from the MCLA community to highlight the range of authentic experiences that make up our beautiful and diverse community. It’s an opportunity to introduce ourselves, to witness and discover commonalities we share with others, and to build meaningful connections in a time of social distancing and isolation. The project goal is to foster school pride and to celebrate place, by way of sharing our stories. It invites us to listen and actively respond to the stories we are seeing, sharing, and witnessing. We want to continue the trend of IAH’s programming that has been focused on storytelling and building community.

Please share your story on the submission form HERE!

The questions include:

What does being part of the MCLA community mean to you?

What is one of the happiest moments you have had on campus?

How have you been able to activate your passion at MCLA? How so?

What is a meaningful experience you've had with a classmate or a professor?

When did a class or assignment inspire you in a way you never anticipated?

What makes MCLA feel like a home to you?

What is an underrated spot on campus, or any underrated thing at MCLA?

What is one memory/memorable experience you have at MCLA?

Who or what has made an impact on your experience at MCLA?

Read through the various questions on this form and choose the ONE that stands out to you. You don't need to answer all questions.

Select responses will be featured in a social media, photo campaign with a professional photographer. Participants will receive free complimentary head shots as part of the project.

Please contact with questions about this project!

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