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Women Writers Wednesday

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Amanda Beres is the first feature in the Women’s Writers Wednesday installment. Her piece titled, “The Waiting Room”, is a short story about the protagonist’s experience with a mystery figure. Beres used the pronoun you in in order to engage her reader with the story. As she stated, the readers are able to transport themselves into the story itself. Her work is full of emotion, introspection, and a creative mind.

Beres is a current senior pursuing a degree in English. Her love for creative writing began as a child with her love for fairies. She enjoyed playing pretend and believes that creative writing is a way to continue that passion. Beres said that through her work, she could “ find beauty every day, and create a world of your own” The world-building aspect was apparent in her written piece. She was able to combine our world with elements of fantasy. It is a world adjacent to ours but filled with Beres’ own imagination.

The piece that she wrote is attached below for reading pleasure!

The Waiting Room
Download PDF • 74KB

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