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Victoria Fisher

I feel

I feel and I fear

None of you aware

They destroy my mental, yea

I shed my tears

They live on, don’t care

Heart on my sleeve


look like

Swiss cheese

So I

Gotta get this bread

(And a little head)

Yea, I fit in the box

But only a arm or a leg

Can't belong to one group

More than what she is

This life

ain't meant for me

This world

made to destroy me

(Im surprised im still here)

I feel and I fear Some aware

Live on

Don’t care.

Woman and Man

To exist as a female, as a woman.

What am I condemned to,

my body? showing...

I am more than a pretty face

More than a good form, as Nicki would say.

My silhouette and frame

has nothing to do with my brain.

Men are seen as human beings,

they have freedom to do as they please,

they aren’t conditioned to be subordinate,

Seems being a woman is unfortunate

Men have access to anything they desire,

and (as it being a man’s world) they have power

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