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Brianna Christie

Chapter 1: The White Witch

On top of a hill lies the plantation

Once populated by the enslaved.

Sugar cane and plantains are in

Close proximity to the three palm trees.

The White Witch turned on a switch

That reigned terror on the islanders.

No one was a bystander, not even

Her husbands. She killed all three,

Buried them by the sea, and thought

She'd live life happily. The witch

Found love, but he found hate. He

Murdered her which gave the witch

Her fate. Doomed to the grave, her

Ghost now stays on top of the hill in Montego Bay

Chapter 2: Takoo

Obeah: (noun) a system of spiritual healing and justice-

making practices developed among enslaved

West Africans in the West Indies.

Takoo practiced Obeah. He had learned it from

His family after they found themselves on the

Island of Jamaica after colonizers took them

From their homeland. He had met the White

Witch after being enslaved on her plantation.

She claimed she loved him, but

Takoo knew this wasn't true since the witch was

Evil. After killing his grand-niece, Takoo sought Revenge

on the witch. He hated her.

They all did. This would be his parting gift to her.

She had to die at his hands.

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