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The Art of Remembrance

By Kelsey Sherman

Relaxing, Digital Line Drawing

The art of communication through graphic design has been at the forefront of my artistic practice for quite some time. I believe that distilling information in ways that stimulate interest in the viewer is important for any brand, institution, or person to be successful. Because of this, I work to help these entities achieve visual success by creating various design solutions while adhering to and complementing their brand. These solutions include, but are not limited to, logos, advertisements, posters, one-sheets, wall graphics, gallery labels, programs, and brochures.

Together, Digital Line Drawing

In my other work, I tend to focus on the concepts of remembrance, grief, loss, and my life experiences. In this body of work, I have created various typefaces and illustrations using both digital programs and traditional art methods.

Coffee with Gram, Digital

Stylistically, I have always been fond of the International Style for its minimalistic qualities. Much of what I do focuses on the use of white space and text within a layout. Other inspiration comes from color, shapes, life experiences, and my family.

Sample: Three Generations of Handwriting, Digital

Before attending MCLA, I created art for the sake of an assignment; it was never for pleasure, granted I did enjoy making it and experimenting with various mediums. However, over the last two or three years, my approach shifted by chance. This shift occurred because I decided that I wanted to make art for a specific purpose using specific mediums, and I finally had the freedom to do so. I have been honing my skills with the Adobe Creative Suite, as well as focusing on my linework.

Activity Table Signage: Variation, Digital

Berkshire Cultural Assets Network Logo #1, Digital

Creative Compact for Collective Impact (C4 Initiative) Logo #2, Digital

Upon my graduation from MCLA I plan to pursue a career as a graphic designer, whether that be for an arts and culture institution, a college, or various small businesses.

Kelsey Sherman is senior at the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts anticipating her BA in Arts Management as well as her BA in Art: Design in May 2020. Currently a Rodgers Intern at the Clark Art Institute in the Graphic Design Department, Kelsey is responsible for design and production work. In her work, she distills information using shapes, color, imagery, typography, and life experiences. This process leads to the creation of stimulating design solutions to enhance communication with the public. She also launched a branding identity for both the Creative Compact for Collective Impact and the Berkshire Cultural Assets Network¾ Berkshire County initiatives funded by the National Endowment for the Arts in 2018. Much of her other work has focused on the concepts of remembrance, grief and loss, where she has created various typefaces and illustrations. In addition to her creative work, Kelsey received the Visual Arts Scholarship in 2017-2019 and was awarded a Travel Fellowship to Venice, Italy in November 2019.

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