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New Music: "Imminence" by Leo Skoble

Leo Skoble is a senior at MCLA with a double major in English and Arts Management. He doesn't make music that often but he shared this piece stating:

"I wrote and produced this piece using Musescore and Garageband. It was a few years in the making, since I wrote the Musescore portion in high school. The strings, drums, and piano didn't feel like enough to make the piece a whole, so I abandoned it. When I had the opportunity to take the Home Studio Recording class, I wanted to work on this piece again since I had access to Garageband! I was able to add the beats, the synth, and the electric guitar."

When I first listened to this, I was shocked. I was blown away by the progression of sound and use of instruments to draw the listener in. Having soft and intimate moments along side a more produced large sound created an interesting contrast.

To experience this song for yourself stream "Imminence" here on Soundcloud:

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