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New Music: "Candy" by Odiase Williamson

Odiase Williamson is a senior at MCLA; majoring in Arts Management, who explores the emotions of themselves and others through audio and visual-based art practices. These mediums specifically being music and graphic design. He said his love for music started at a young age, “I grew up surrounded by music, my mom being a breakdancer and my older sisters in love with the popular boy bands at the time; music was constantly playing throughout the house.” Watching music videos such as Usher and Michael Jackson, he became enamored with the idea of music and everything that surrounded it, such as the music, videos, and cover arts.

When looking at Odiase’s discography, there are many different styles sonically, and most of the cover arts for these songs he did himself. This diversity in sounds is because of the various artists who inspired him. These artists are Yves Tumor, Dijon, Ecco2k, Prince, Jean Dawson, and more.

Odiase’s most recent release, “Candy,” published February 9th, 2022, is an alternative pop-rock style song using guitar, live drum sounds, and synthesizers, conveying a moment one may share with a person.

Here is a sneak peek of "Candy":

“I took a year long break from releasing music to focus on other things, but when I finally felt ready to make music again, this was one of the first songs I created. I wanted to make something more fun and happier compared to my other songs.”

You can listen to the entire song and check out his other music here:

Odiase would like to recognize the cover art artist for "Candy", Ivory Henry. You can check out more of her work on her Instagram page: @artbyivory.

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