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Internship Profile: Alex Conklin

Alex Conklin


Podcast Associate

During my internship as a ‘TRIO Podcast Associate” with the Arts & Culture course. I’ve had the opportunity to work on supporting the production and promotion of the TRIO podcast series. My responsibilities involve conducting interviewing guests, researching them, writing scripts, editing shows, and managing the overall production process. I gained podcasting experience by producing, creating content, and building up engagement policies for me, interviewees, and the listeners. This internship is a great opportunity to add to my resume in promoting my brand to future broadcast employers.

“Through my internship as a TRIO Podcast Associate, I have learned the art of engaging in conversations through audio. Crafting plots, comprehending the listeners attentions, and promoting this podcast are valuable lessons that will help shape my future not just only in broadcasting, but content creation as well as digital communications.” ~Alex Conklin

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