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Internship Profile: Kristopher Safford

Kristopher Safford

Student Engagement

Student Engagement Intern

As a Student Engagement Intern, I have many different responsibilities. These include supporting the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) in programming events, brainstorming program ideas, talking with outside vendors, and booking room spaces. I also design marketing flyers for bulletin boards, events apps, marketplace banners, TV monitor announcements and actively encourage students to attend and participate in the events. I collaborate with the Office of Student Engagement and other clubs, organizations, and departments across campus. I work on supporting programming on event days, keeping track of attendance, looking ahead, and being prepared to support last-minute changes.


“In my time as a student programming intern, I have gotten to know more of the needs and wants of the students by students for students. I have also learned the marketing and running of bigger events firsthand.”

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