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Empowered Voices Collective; Drew Thomas

Drew Thomas is a Senior at MCLA majoring in art with a concentration in design. His involvement with graphic design began with his enjoyment of art in his childhood. He watched various cartoons and movies, as well as reading comic books. It made his preferred style of art become digital art.

Thomas enjoys art because of the universal nature of expression. It transcends language barriers and can engage individuals with different messages. It is also a way to bring ideas forward when it. Thomas is interested in creating artwork that showcases social diversity. He wants to illustrate the importance of human connections across various groups of individuals.

The inspiration for the submission below is his sister. He stated that he wanted to “combine my love for my art and family to make something more meaningful.” The message in his artwork came across in his striking art piece. The vivid colors coupled with the soft edges created a mesmerizing feel to his work. It is an exceptional representation of his extensive talent.

Outside of the art field, Thomas enjoys other creative outlets. He enjoys playing the piano and can play the guitar. It shows his relationship to imaginative nature. Music is another medium in which individuals are able to express themselves.

His advice for beginners in graphic design is to “learn from inspiration.” Thomas believes that individuals should connect themselves with other artists. They can gain inspiration from other people by utilizing their experience. It works toward the cultivation of their artistic abilities.

Thomas has more artwork located on his website:

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