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Destiny Rivera

Words of affirmation

I showed you a piece of my writing

A sliver of myself on a page

And you told me how amazing it was

And I felt myself preening

Like a scarlet macaw

Exploding into a symphony of pigments

With a hunger to begin another piece anew

Visions of The Future

If I try staring at the future for long

My eyes feel as though they are melting

To know what is coming next

like Icarus when he grazed the sun

The more I look the more it alludes me

my happiness burned by a gaseous orb of starlight

A schism between the three parts of me

Like Orpheus unable to prevent himself

My patience is hanging by a single thread

from stealing a marveling glance at Eurydice

If I do not unclench the thread will snap

Only to see her be whisked away by his very eyes

The future tantalizes me so deeply that I am

Unable to know where the soil begins

The fire starting in the present

And her ashes in the end

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