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Artist Interview with IAH Mini-Grant Recipient

Ian Mosher is a Senior studying Art Studio at MCLA. He works in a variety of artistic mediums such as sculpting, photography, and digital art. He has recently received funding for his project titled “Upcycled Adventures” through MCLA’s mini-grant program.

Mosher’s project focuses on the environmental factors that can go into artwork. Upcycled art is an artistic practice where artists reuse materials in order to create new pieces of art. The style allows artists to create art, free of waste.

Mosher entered the world of upcycling last October while going through yard sales. He would see various objects that people were getting rid of and thought, “that is just going to sit in a landfill somewhere, and maybe I can give it some new life somehow.”

With the increase of waste and its effect on our climate, Mosher saw his artwork as a way to raise awareness on the issue. He believes that explaining to people the amount of waste they produce and giving people a fun way to reuse items will create larger change. Mosher claims that by thinking out of the box, you can repurpose items around you.

Mosher makes sure to put forth that creativity into his work. Every piece that he has created becomes his new favorite, showing the passion driving him.

Mosher's work is currently on display on the Third floor in Bowman Hall and the Freel Library.

For more of Mosher’s work check out his website:

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