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Internship Profile: Roman Robledo

Roman Robledo

MCLA Institute for the Arts and Humanities

Program and Engagement Assistant

As a program and engagement assistant, my responsibilities are to support the IAH team with their programing and help them in any way that I can. Supporting IAH goals involves contributing my writing and feedback to issues involving student voices and engagement on campus. I am an ambassador for IAH so I need to promote our programs by engaging with students in the classroom or on social media. As an institute, our goal is to increase diversity, equity and inclusion in our campus community.

Working for IAH has been a great experience so far. I am a chemistry major and my priorities have always been about studying and helping nature. However, after learning about IAH and their mission last semester, I realized that I have a lot to learn about people and communities. I am quite grateful to have the opportunity to learn about networking and communication within the context of the MCLA community and beyond. I wrote a land acknowledgement for a student and community poem booklet. I was also the one who brought up the idea of acknowledging native peoples for the project last semester when I was not an intern. Seeing the manifestation of my idea and creating it myself has been an encouraging experience. I also enjoyed participating in the Humans of MCLA project. I graduate after this semester so I appreciate the opportunity to reflect on my experiences here. I feel compelled to share this project with others so they can reflect as well. I am excited to see what the rest of the semester holds for me.

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